Skip Art

Using the waste by-product of bronze casting for the exhibition “Chemistry of Bronze.”

This project started when I was asked if I could create a set of images to illustrate an art exhibition on bronze casting.

The open brief had just one constraint, that the process of bronze casting would be amply illustrated in the exhibition and I should avoid repeating this.

So I visited the foundry, Art of a Fine Nature in Shepton Mallet, where bronzes for the exhibition were being made and what caught my imagination is what you see here – fragments of the ceramic casings and spills of bronze which are a waste by-product of the casting process.

Presented as fragments of fossils or artefacts from an archaeological dig, all these pieces were pulled from the skip into which the smashed ceramic casings are swept after being broken from the cooled bronze.

These images are a selection of what is available for you to buy as fine art prints or canvas prints from Alternatively, contact me if this gallery sparks an idea for a project you’d like me to work on with you.