Video Service

When it comes to video, it is vital to have a good understanding of what your goals are from the start. Without a plan and a goal, time and money can easily be wasted, and both in large quantities.

So in the first instance, drop me a line so we can go through your ideas and aims. At this stage, you don’t need to know every detail of how the final production will look, but we can discuss the outline project.

In terms of fees, the shoot and editing fees are calculated separately. This is because the shoot might require separate time to shoot B-roll, while editing time required will depend on the level of complexity of your project – from grading, through graphics and effects to choice of soundtrack, every creative decision will have an impact on the final cost.

I know how helpful it is to have an idea of typical fees, so bearing in mind these were all for specific clients, each with their own needs, here’s a very rough and ready guide based on recent video projects:

  • 15-second reel edited for Instagram and Facebook of retail outlet store opening for high-end clothing brand (110,000 views on client’s Instagram!) – £450.00
  • 60-second corporate staff event day (B-roll with licensed music soundtrack) – £1,100.00
  • 60-second corporate testimonial, full-day shoot including B-roll and recorded interviews – £1,600.00

As with my stills pricing, a day is defined as being up to 7 hours on site (excluding breaks), and a half day is up to 3.5 hours on site, though travel time may have a bearing on the day rate.

The fees suggested here do not cover exceptional requirements of a shoot such as equipment hire (I can cover most basic scenarios without hiring additional equipment), travel or out-of-pocket expenses which are quoted as required. All fees and expenses are exclusive of VAT.

To see a selection of work I’ve shot for other clients, click back to my Video Portfolio page and see if anything there sparks some ideas.