My camera review has arrived!

Woman on steps of Shepherds Barton, Frome

I was stunned at the quality from this little camera

To make up for my not publishing a blog article this week, feast your eyes instead on the review I wrote and shot pictures for on the Canon G1 X for Warehouse Express (see here).

I’m really rather excited about the whole process of reviewing a camera, and it’s been an interesting exercise. I wanted to shoot pictures that I would be proud of, in the style of the kind of work I do. Too many reviews just feature colour charts or random photos of pretty scenes on sunny days, and I wanted to push the G1 X to see what it’s really capable of.

Do take a look at the article and I’ll be happy to hear what you think.

Now go. Go on read it… you still here?

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  • laumerritt May 27, 2012   Reply →

    I liked the review. I have a G11 and gather the G1X is even better, but probably I will save the money for a DSLR. Do you have a coming review on one or any good advice?

    • Glass Eye May 27, 2012   Reply →

      Thank you Lau, and thank you for taking the time to read it! 🙂

      The G1 X image quality if a huge leap up from the G11/G12 on account of the bigger chip. I was blown away by it.

      I’m afraid I’m not in the process of reviewing any SLRs, but I do know there are SLR reviews on the Wexblog. I did handle a Canon 100D a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with that as an entry-level SLR. My advice though is if you’re going to buy an SLR and want really good quality, you have to spend about as much on the lens as you do on the camera. The kit lenses are pretty horrid. Alternatively, keep the kit lens and buy a 50mm f1.8. The quality is so much better than a kit lens, and they’re only about £100.

      To anyone thinking of buying a SLR with kit lens without changing out the kit lens, I’d suggest the G1 X as a better lens is already on it, the sensor is really good, and it’s a lot less bulky than an SLR.

      Hope all that helps!


      • laumerritt May 28, 2012   Reply →

        I already have a Sony A350 with 3 different lenses, was thinking of getting a Canon or a Nikon because it’s easier to get accesories/lenses for them, but I might as well stick with the Sony as it is not as bad. On the other hand, I really have no point of comparison with other DSLRs. My first camera was a Canon T60 and later on I discovered it was (apparently) not that good and I’m afraid I got the same deal with the Sony. Oh well…

  • laumerritt May 28, 2012   Reply →

    Was it that bad? Investing in photo gear when it’s only a hobby makes little sense, but getting stuck with an option makes even less sense from a consumer point of view. I understand the need for manufacturers to have proprietary systems but it’s still a nuisance. It’s fun only to a certain point to collect photo junk, I mean, cameras.

    • Glass Eye May 28, 2012   Reply →

      The T80 was a total disaster, but it was Canon’s first go at auto focus. The T90, by contrast, was exceptionally ahead of the game and not all that distant from the body designs they use now.

      You’re right about the investment and being tied to one maker’s kit. I suppose though it does fuel competition and innovation, though sometimes I think they could do with bringing out fewer models. The Olympus OM D (or whatever it’s called, OMG?) just looks to me like landfill waiting to happen.

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