Have You Taken A Gander Lately?

You all know about my personal project photography site by now, but did you know you can sign up for my newsletter there? It’s free (obviously), but it’s also mercifully infrequent.

It’s not that it’s a terrible newsletter; I do my best to make it entertaining and informative. I just know we all have incredibly busy lives and no one wants to be inundated with weekly emails. My newsletter only happens when I have something to say, so I send one roughly every four months.

If you haven’t signed up yet, now would be a great time to do so because I’m offering a 10% discount code to every new signee! This can be redeemed on any purchase of £75.00 or more. That’s basically an A4 or larger print, or a combination of smaller prints. You can sign up via the contact page.

All the work is printed on beautiful archival, heavy-weight photo rag paper and if you talk to me before placing an order, I can arrange framing too.

Customers have remarked how much better the images look in real life than on the web. This is because your screen resolution, browser and computer’s method of handling colour, light and shade all limit what you’re seeing. I also have to compress images so pages like this one load more quickly. All this reduces the detail. Above all, a print has a surface texture and a physical presence that a computer monitor or smartphone just can’t match.

So sign up, have a browse and maybe treat yourself (or someone else) to a beautiful fine art print. It’s quick, easy, free and has discount benefits!