• Ken August 25, 2010  

    Amen to that brother, amen to that.

    • Glass Eye August 25, 2010  

      Let’s all kneel and pray for the byline sinners…

  • Pete Jenkins August 25, 2010  

    Isn’t it the way. Those who ask you to work for a credit are inevitably on a good whack themselves.

    When was the last time Sainsbury’s accepted a byline for food. I offered to openly use a Sainsbury’s carrier bag so that they would get full credit for my supper and everything…

    • Glass Eye August 25, 2010  

      I’m surprised at Sainsbury’s attitude though, because surely other people will pay for their food and your little bag of goods won’t make the slightest difference to them. Of course they’ll charge you for the bag under the disguise of being green.

      Maybe we could start pushing back the front line by blocking out the brand names on our camera gear, cars, mobiles etc.

  • Chris Barton August 25, 2010  

    My favorites are the Bright Young Things who ask to use my images in the TV doc they are researching (Tiger Aspect is one name that comes to mind) and offering a fantastic ‘free byline’ in the credits, but unfortunately they have no budget to pay for photos.

    My stock response is that I have a simple but elegant solution for them.

    1)The person who set the budget, but failed to include any money for images, is clearly incompetent.

    2) So, fire them.

    3) Then, use the money saved on their salary to pay for images.

    Everyone’s a winner!

    • Glass Eye August 25, 2010  

      Brilliant! Let’s face it, most people who set budgets seem to be incompetent because they never bother to find out what stuff costs before working out what the budget should be.

      What amazes me is that the photography budget is always set at £0.00. Also, does everything have its own budget? Do they have a budget for pencils? One for phone calls to gullible amateurs? Surely it would be simpler and cheaper (as per your suggestion) to fire whoever sets these budgets-within-budgets and save even more money by having just one budget. Let’s call it the “Getting The Job Done Professionally” budget and have done.

      I feel a whole new movement starting tonight. Light the torches! Call the Witchsmeller Pursuivant! We’m gonna have us a burnin’ tonight!

      Ahem, apologies. Medication is on the way.

  • Ken of London August 25, 2010  

    grab the pitch fork and the flaming torches we are off up to the castle lads (and ladies of course)

  • Keith Meatheringham September 6, 2010  

    Another great post – These people are a joke.

    • Glass Eye September 7, 2010  

      Thanks Keith, yes, but not a very funny one.