A day in her life, a lifetime for me


My first published photo (click to enlarge)

As far as I recall, this is the first photo I ever had published in a newspaper. Perhaps a little weird that I still have the cutting, but I have a few books of cuttings dating back… well, to this first one.

This particular shot was taken for a competition and book, though I don’t believe it made the final cut, which was obviously a shame. I do recall that I’d heard about the competition and didn’t have anything to enter, but I was obviously on the lookout for something.

Although the date is missing from the cutting, it would have been around 1987. At that time I was working at London Camera Exchange in Bath, right next to the abbey.

I was probably cleaning cameras and shelving when I spotted this girl going to the fountain for a drink and I must have reacted incredibly quickly because I know I pulled a camera from the display, loaded a film and a telephoto lens and took the photo through the shop window knowing that if I went outside to take it the moment would have passed.

Perhaps the failure to be included in the book scarred me for life because I’ve not entered many, if any, photographic competitions since, but seeing my photo in print gave me a thrill which set me on the path to becoming a professional photographer. I may not have won the competition, but I wonder now if I would have become a photographer if this frame hadn’t been printed. That being the case, I’m going to say I did win. I just didn’t know it at the time.

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  • paul delmar July 2, 2013   Reply →

    Fantastic start for a great photographer.

    • Glass Eye July 2, 2013   Reply →

      Thank you Paul! Not sure about “great” but I’ll accept the compliment with grace 🙂

  • littlemisspeanut July 2, 2013   Reply →

    Simply adorable shot, timing was crucial. Congratulations!

  • Nicola July 2, 2013   Reply →

    A very poignant tale, illustrating how easy it is for our lives to twist and turn in different directions….and how we sometimes have to grab the moment!

  • Nowt at all wrong with keeping your old tear sheets or press cuttings. I’ve got all mine dating back to 1979!

    • Glass Eye July 2, 2013   Reply →

      Tom, you’ll get to see some more of my old gems in weeks and months to come. It’s fun to look back, especially when you compare what you did then with what goes into local papers now…

  • laumerritt July 2, 2013   Reply →


  • michael stern July 3, 2013   Reply →

    I too kept my first published photograph. (It actually took first place) and I kept my first published commercial assignment. So I have both. Haven’t won many contest since but the commercial work keeps rolling in after 30+ years….

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